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Quote from Fez in Leaving Home Ain't Easy

Jackie: Fez!
Fez: Ho, ho, ho, Green Jackie!
Jackie: Fez, you completely ruined my hair!
Fez: You destroyed my car!
Jackie: I had every right to destroy your car, you turned me down!
Fez: You turned me down like a million times and I never did anything!
Hyde: Actually, I remember a lot of crying.
Fez: Yes, I cried. Because I have feelings. Unlike you, Jackie.
Jackie: Oh, I have feelings. And they told me to buy a bottle of spray paint and tell the whole world that you have a tiny...
Fez: It's normal sized! Well, you know what? I'm glad I turned you down. Because, you're a mean, bitter girl. And now you're ugly on the outside like you are ugly in the inside.
Hyde: Holy crap, man, cover your nipples!
Jackie: I can't believe that's what you really think of me.
Fez: Well, it is.
Jackie: Okay, fine. I'll just go pack up my things and get out of your life.

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