Trending ‘Superstore’ Quotes

Quote from Kelly in Golden Globes Party

Jonah: Uh, it was from before you started. It was this guy that used to come in all the time.
Kelly: And... and he liked mustard?
Dina: "And he liked mustard?" Are you making fun of us?
Kelly: Oh, no.
Jonah: No, he was just, like, um, this, like, old, fancy guy. You know, like from the Grey Poupon commercials.
Garrett: [snooty British voice] Uh, pardon me, but do you have any bags of mulch?
Jonah: He sounded exactly like that.
Dina: I don't think I've seen that commercial.
Jonah: Yeah, yeah, you have. It's from the '90s. The Grey Poupon commercial.
Kelly: Mm-mm.
Dina: How have you never seen the Grey Poupon commercial?
Kelly: I don't know. But it sounds funny. [laughs awkwardly]
Dina: It wasn't. It wasn't.


Quote from Jonah in Mannequin

Jonah: I was trying to get rid of the mannequin because it was becoming a distraction.
Amy: Just admit that my fun pranks got to you, and that maybe you're the sensitive one.
Jonah: No, there's a difference between being sensitive and being annoyed. You would understand if someone did the same thing to you. [to a blonde, Caucasian mannequin] What? Amy, what are you doing here?
Amy: No. Jonah, that looks nothing like me.
Jonah: Oh. Looks like I touched a nerve, huh?
Amy: No.