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Town Hall

‘Town Hall’

Season 3, Episode 22 -  Aired May 3, 2018

Amy and Jonah put aside their tension to devise a plan to confront the CEO during a town hall meeting. Meanwhile, Glenn is nervous about addressing a worldwide audience.

Quote from Kelly

Carol: Jonah's a jerk, by the way. You deserve so much better.
Kelly: Thanks. I appreciate that.
Carol: So what are we going to do to him? Revenge porn on the Internet? Give his credit card info to a bum?
Kelly: Or... maybe someone tells the cops he's cooking meth. Then, uh-oh, there's an ounce of it found in his sock drawer. How'd that get there?
Carol: Wow, that's aggressive.
Kelly: Or he's got two brothers. [pushes cart towards Carol] Be a shame if something happened to them. Then he'd be all alone.
Carol: Well... I'm just going to go...
Kelly: Well let me know, Carol. I've got nothing to lose anymore. [Carol backs away]


Quote from Glenn

Garrett: That's too many of those things.
Glenn: It's medicine. You can't have too many.

Quote from Dina

Dina: People always ask, how do I get enough protein? Well, I got two words for you, beans and nuts. I always tell people I'm nuts about beans and I'm beans about nuts. [chuckles] I mean that second half doesn't mean anything, but it sounds like something. It's more of a rhythm thing, you know?

Quote from Dina

Dina: You can put cashew cheese on pretty much anything. And, I mean, truthfully, right now, we are in a nut cheese renaissance, which is amazing. There's so many different options, it's just like...

Quote from Dina

Dina: I mean, they can make milk out of cashews, almonds, soy. Then the grains, rice milk, quinoa milk. I mean how do you get milk out of quinoa? I have no idea about the process, but it exists.

Quote from Marcus

Marcus: Hi, I am interested in your decision-making process for new products.
Neil Penderson: Ah, great question. We like to pay...
Marcus: Let's just say I'm an entrepreneur, which I am. I am the founder and CEO of Boob Cheese, cheese from humans. Now, breast milk is...

Quote from Dina

Dina: I was born right here in St. Louis, and as you might know, St. Louis was originally established as a hub for river-based trade.

Quote from Garrett

Garrett: I've got three rules. Don't date co-workers, don't move in with co-workers you date, and don't dump co-workers you live with and date.
[Kelly dumps another load of Jonah's stuff on the shop floor]
Jonah: Can I move back in with you?
Garrett: Ugh.

Quote from Kelly

Jonah: I'm sorry, isn't the whole point of a town hall that you can ask anything?
Kelly: Oh, no, Jonah, are you upset because they told you it was one thing then yanked the rug out from under you?
Garrett: Ohhhh.

Quote from Amy

Jonah: Okay, fine, what Laurie said about firing Myrtle was weird, so I thought I'd check her file. What are you doing?
Amy: Same thing.
Jonah: Well, I think I can handle it, so...
Amy: Well, you don't know where it is.
Jonah: It's alphabetical.
Amy: Do you know her last name? Or were you just checking under "M" for Myrtle.
Jonah: She's in my phone as "Myrtle Old."
Amy: Hmm. Yeah, check "O" for Old.

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