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Super Hot Store

‘Super Hot Store’

Season 2, Episode 15 -  Aired February 16, 2017

Tension rises as the heating system breaks leading to a sweltering store in the middle of February.

Quote from Amy

Jonah: Thank you both for agreeing to sit down. Uh, mistakes were made. Some things were said that I'm sure both parties regret.
Marcus: She told me to go to hell. I'm Catholic. That's the worst place we can go.
Amy: Well, at least I didn't tell you to smile.
Marcus: What's wrong with that? You have a nice smile.
Amy: I have an amazing smile. It lights up a room. But you don't tell me when to smile, Marcus. I will smile when I damn well please.


Quote from Marcus

Marcus: Fine. I'm sorry if you felt offended. I just forgot how sensitive women can be.
Jonah: Marcus, no.
Amy: So now I'm sensitive. Well, how's this for sensitive, Marcus? I am writing you up.
Marcus: Uh-oh, guys. Miss Amy's writing my name on the board. [laughter]
Amy: That's... Oh, you think that's funny?
Marcus: Yeah, 'cause you were being like an uptight teacher.
Jonah: What did we say about de-escalating?
Amy: More like I'm your superior at a job you used to have, Marcus. You're fired.
Marcus: You're firing me? For nothing?
Jonah: No, no, no, no, no, no. No! Let's back it up, okay? Uh, nobody is getting fired. And it's not "nothing," all right? I think what happened was, maybe you said some things that tapped into kind of a gender/power matrix, so...
Marcus: Ugh, seriously, dude, you're being a bigger bitch than Amy.
Jonah: Marcus, you're fired.

Quote from Garrett

Garrett: So, uh, what are you thinking about?
Dina: What are you doing? What is that?
Garrett: I don't know. Just, I thought... I thought that's something that people say after...
Dina: Oh.
Garrett: Um...
Dina: Am I supposed to ask you what you're thinking about?
Garrett: No.
Dina: Because I can if you want.
Garrett: Please don't.

Quote from Glenn

Cheyenne: It looks really complicated.
Glenn: Yeah, well, everything's computerized nowadays. But it's still the same basic guts. Let me just try diagnostics here. Uh... ooh, uh... Oh, uh... Okay, I seem to have changed the language.

Quote from Glenn

Glenn: I can't even help my own employees when they need me the most.
Cheyenne: That's not true. You help us all the time.
Glenn: Like how?
Cheyenne: Oh, you want examples? Okay, um, oh, well, we wouldn't be able to come in to work in the morning if you didn't unlock the doors.
Glenn: Actually, nowadays it's all opened automatically by computers.
Cheyenne: Okay, but who turns on the computer?
Glenn: Corporate does.
Cheyenne: Really? That's awesome. Ha.

Quote from Glenn

Glenn: We should just go!
Cheyenne: Oh, what?
Glenn: Yeah. We should just travel the world together, you and me.
Cheyenne: Oh, well, I mean, I... You know, I have a baby, and then there's Bo, and I'm still finishing up school, and we haven't really spent that much time together.
Glenn: No. No. Yeah.
Cheyenne: Okay, fine. We can travel the world.
Glenn: Yeah?
Cheyenne: Sure.
Glenn: Oh... oh, man. We're gonna have to get so many shots!

Quote from Marcus

Amy: Hey, Marcus, um, we need to talk.
Marcus: Totally. I am so sorry. I went for a drive, I cooled down a lot... 'cause my car doesn't have doors, and I thought about today. And I said some things about both of you that were uncalled for. I think the heat must have gotten to me. I'm really sorry.
Amy: Well, um, today is your lucky day, because I haven't filed the paperwork yet. So I'm gonna let you off with a warning this time.
Jonah: That's big of you.
Marcus: Thank you. So we can just all come back to work.
Amy: Sure. Whatever.
Marcus: And then maybe we should grab dinner or something tonight.
Amy: Yeah...
Marcus: Just, like, to, you know, hash it all out so we can all be cool with each other.
Amy: That's probably not gonna happen.
Marcus: We'll keep it open. We'll keep it open.

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