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Quote from Easter

Cheyenne: Ugh, Amy's making me stay after to do back stock.
Carol: She's, like, super grumpy today.
Sayid: She's a real grumplestiltskin. Did I use that right?
Mateo: Mm-hmm.
Carol: You did, yeah.


Quote from Trick-or-Treat

Jonah: Point is, we almost have enough cards signed to unionize. This is great, guys. We're gonna be a union. [all cheer]
Amy: [enters] Ooh, this sounds fun. Did Sayid reach a new level of Pokémon?
Sayid: My girlfriend made me quit.

Quote from Lady Boss

Amy: Why are the Hawaiian shirts out again?
Sayid: Because it's my time, Amy.

Quote from Employee App

Cheyenne: How do they even know that we're in the break room?
Marcus: Hold on.
Sayid: It's GPS probably. I bet it's GPS.
Justine: So we're only allowed to be in the break room if we're actually on break now?
Marcus: Okay, it stops counting out here.
Mateo: This isn't even a break. This is just... unofficial break room time.
Marcus: And now it's counting down again.
Sayid: GPS. Global Positioning System.

Quote from Biscuit

Jonah: Guys, we did a good deed. Okay, let's just leave it at that. Not everything has to be about money.
Sayid: I'll try and remember that when I'm not watching Ray Donovan.

Quote from The Trough

Sayid: Jonah, I want you to meet two friends who have always been there for me. Ben & Jerry.
Jonah: [sighs]
Glenn: It's ice cream.
Jonah: I know what Ben & Jerry's is. Everybody does, Glenn. Thank you.

Quote from Baby Shower

Justine: Sarah, Sayid... Amy's throwing a baby shower, and none of were invited.
Sayid: What the hell, Amy?
Amy: Sayid, you started, like, two days ago.
Justine: Well, I'm having a pool party this weekend, and you're not invited. Sarah, Sayid, you coming to my pool party?
Sayid: I don't want to go. I want to go to Amy's baby shower.
Cheyenne: She doesn't want us!

Quote from Baby Shower

Amy: What could this one be? Oh, thank you, Sayid. It is Amy with a Y, though.
Sayid: It's not my fault. We just met.
Amy: That is very true. Yeah. Uh, I will just I'll put this my other... wood.

Quote from Toxic Workplace

Amy: Well, that settles that. Dina, you're blocking my door.
Dina: Hey, Sayeed! Amy and Jonah are carpooling!
Sayid: Whoo! Carpool Karaoke!
Justine: That's what I said! [laughs]
Dina: That's what she said!
Amy: That's wild.

Quote from Maternity Leave

Amy: Oh, um, I'm in here.
Sayid: Oh, I'm sorry. But this is where I come to pray.
Amy: Um, okay, well, could you maybe come back later?
Sayid: Actually, Allah is pretty strict on time.
Amy: He can't wait ten minutes?
Sayid: [shakes head] You think?
Amy: Okay, I'm sorry. Proceed. Keep going.
Sayid: Allahu Akbar. [speaking Arabic]

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