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Season 4, Episode 15 -  Aired April 11, 2019

Amy's first day as store manager turns awkward after her salary is accidentally revealed to her subordinates. Meanwhile, Mateo attempts to assume the floor manager role, while Glenn's cheery attitude in his new floor job rubs Garrett the wrong way.

Quote from Marcus

Jonah: How much do you make?
Marcus: Same thing we all make: $134,000 a year. [all clamoring]
Garrett: How do you make that much a year?
Marcus: 52 weeks times 30 hours a week times minimum wage 86 bucks an hour.
Dina: No, no, no, no. Minimum wage is $8.60 an hour.
Glenn: [gasp] I must have missed a decimal point.
Jonah: So no part of you thought to question why you were making $86 an hour to work retail?
Marcus: I thought that's what we all made. [all sigh] How do you guys live on under $134,000 a year?


Quote from Marcus

Marcus: I don't know how I'm gonna pay back Corporate. I'm broke.
Jonah: How? You live with your mother. Your car doesn't have any doors. And you've been making $134,000 every year for the last six years. Where does all the money go?
Marcus: I don't know. I get the guacamole from Chipotle every time.

Quote from Mateo

Mateo: Who would you pick?
Cheyenne: Okay, if I had to pick someone here, it would probably be... [off Mateo's look] Actually, you would be good for it.
Mateo: I know. That's what everyone is saying. But I don't think Amy sees me as a leader. In her eyes, I'd always be the wide-eyed ingenue new to the city, naive but hopeful, someone who can eat whatever he wants and never put on any weight.

Quote from Cheyenne

Cheyenne: Maybe you just need to step up and start acting like a leader. Fake it 'till you make it.
Mateo: What does that even mean? Like, I should just start telling people what to do?
Cheyenne: It worked for Bo. One day he walked into a drugstore wearing a white coat, and now he's a pharmacist tech.
Mateo: Really?
Cheyenne: We don't have to buy street drugs anymore.

Quote from Myrtle

Amy: Um... Uh... You know, if you're still in between jobs, they just promoted me to manager.
Myrtle: Of the Cardinals?
Amy: No, of the store. [Myrtle gasps] And- And they told me that I could hire an assistant, but I don't really need and assistant, so... Why don't I just hire you?
Myrtle: Oh, really? I'll be the best assistant you've ever had.
Amy: No, no, no, you don't you don't have to come in. [whispers] You can just take the money.
Myrtle: I used to work for Mr. Nelson of Pan-American Airlines. I'll be here bright and early every morning with your racing forms and pipe tobacco.
Amy: Great. Yeah, well, welcome aboard.

Quote from Myrtle

Myrtle: [video display] Hi! Welcome to Cloud 9.
Myrtle: Oh, why, thank you!
Myrtle: [video display] Do you like cool savings?
Myrtle: Yes, I do.
Myrtle: [video display] Why not check out our frozen treats in Grocery?
Myrtle: Oh, I will. Thank you so much. Frozen treats.

Quote from Marcus

Garrett: But why would Paul Walker's ghost single you out?
Marcus: I'm just saying sometimes the car speeds up even when I'm not pressing on the gas.

Quote from Sandra

Mateo: Now, that is a nice-looking display.
Sandra: Thanks. I sorted them by order of smells I encountered growing up.
Mateo: Well, um, since you're done here, why don't you go, um, straighten out the linen section?
Sandra: Oh, um... did someone say I should? I mean who...
Mateo: Who... [clears throat] What?
Sandra: Nothing.
Mateo: Hmm. [scoffs] [Sandra walks away] [exhales sharply] How is Fig Newton the first thing you ever smelled?

Quote from Amy

Amy: Anyway, this foot had the number eight written on it, which is concerning because we've only found two other feet, so keep your eyes open.

Quote from Cheyenne

Mateo: If someone held a gun to your head and asked you, "Who would be the best person to replace Amy as floor supervisor," who would you say?
Cheyenne: Probably the guy with the gun.
Mateo: Okay. No, he doesn't want the job.
Cheyenne: Oh, well, then what's up with the gun?
Mateo: Forget the gun.

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