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Quote from Cheyenne in California (Part 2)

Sandra: Wow, you guys are gonna go off into the sunset, together forever.
Amy: Okay.
Sandra: California's so lucky!
Amy: Guys, we're just moving.
Cheyenne: Yeah, I can see it... Jonah and Amy, old as hell just sitting on a porch, looking out at the Golden Gate. You know, making out under the light of the Hollywood sign.
Jonah: I have map questions, but nice.


 ‘California (Part 2)’ Quotes

Quote from Justine

Justine: The main thing I remember about Amy is her and Jonah doing it on camera during that town hall meeting. Free live porn? Uh, yes, please!

Quote from Justine

Justine: Best friend? Jeez! I'm so thrilled you thought of me.
Dina: You're just in the running, okay? And with you, I'm mostly interested in your ability to donate any organs I may need in the future.
Justine: Well, I hope you don't need a vagina, because I'll be using it. [Dina exhales deeply] Also, my kidneys aren't great.

Quote from Sandra

Sandra: Aqua socks, Amy? [Bleep] aqua socks? I hate you, 2020!