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Quote from Amy in Employee App

Amy: Also there's a product locator, an inventory map, and, uh, oh... Your Z-Shelf comes with the CEO's autobiography and an audio version read by Emily Deschanel from Bones.
Marcus: Love her.
Sandra: I'm a total Bones-head.


 ‘Employee App’ Quotes

Quote from Jonah

Amy: It's obviously toothbrushes.
Jonah: Or is it teethbrush? Like attorneys general?

Quote from Dina

Amy: Here, look.
Dina: Huh. Oh, that does kinda look like me.
Amy: Yeah, and you can change the facial expressions.
Dina: Whoa, I can change my race.
Amy: Yes, but you shouldn't. That's...
Dina: See, I knew it. People are always telling me I'd be a beautiful Indian woman.
Amy: You should really change that back, Dina. Who... Who... Who says that?

Quote from Sandra

Emily Deschanel: [on tape] "Who Run the World? Me" by Kira Moon. Read by Emily Deschanel.
Marcus: [sighs]
Sandra: I could listen to that lady read the phone book.
Emily Deschanel: I had nothing but a seed loan from my father...