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Quote from Garrett in Toy Drive

Garrett: [over PA] Attention, Cloud 9 shoppers, this week, enjoy 20% off our nontoxic, organic cotton pillows. Also enjoy wondering what we put in the other pillows.


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Quote from Dina

Dina: You don't even have to give money to make a difference. I donate my hair to chemo patients.
Cheyenne: Don't you have to grow your hair really long?
Dina: No, anytime I get a trim, I just sweep it into an envelope and mail it to the hospital.
Amy: You send them tiny bits of your hair? What do they do with that?
Dina: Whatever they want, Amy. It's their hair now.
Glenn: Aww.

Quote from Cheyenne

Amy: What kind of organization hires a guy like that anyway? I mean, I bet this whole Samaritans thing is just a big scam.
Cheyenne: Yeah, like those charities that send someone a cow in a third world country and then it just ends up taking a bite out of their TV and, like, hogging the shower and stuff.
Jonah: Was that... Are you thinking of a cartoon?

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Quote from Labor

Garrett: [over PA] Attention, shoppers. Is there a doctor in the... Who am I kidding? This is Cloud 9. Anybody here watched a lot of Grey's Anatomy? Maybe Nurse Jackie? Not The Knick.

Quote from Valentine's Day

Garrett: [over PA] Attention shoppers. It's Valentine's Day, and love is in the air, along with dust, pet dander, and toxic mold spores, so pick up a Supercloud air purifier and convince yourself it's making a difference, which it's not, 'cause it's just a fan.