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Quote from Justine in Self-Care

Marcus: She is! She's sleeping.
Jonah: Guys, okay, look. She's been working very hard.
Justine: Unlike us? I haven't stopped working since my shift started.
Jonah: Yeah, that's... That's kind of the deal.


 ‘Self-Care’ Quotes

Quote from Glenn

Glenn: Oh, yeah, no, I am fine. In fact, I'm not pre-diabetic anymore.
Dina: You're cured? How's that possible?
Glenn: Oh, no I'm not cured. I'm just completely diabetic now. I bonked out because my body thought that I had too much sugar in my bloodstream. Agree to disagree. But anyway, my doctor says I can manage it all with just a few tweaks to my lifestyle.
Dina: Tweaks? You face plant in the break room and your doctor prescribes tweaks?
Glenn: Not bad, huh? Looks like I picked the right doctor.
Dina: How could he not notice your patchy skin, your weight gain, how your breath smells like a Jolly Rancher no matter what you've just eaten?
Glenn: Hey, Jerusha loves that. Every morning she asks me to breathe into her car.
Dina: Okay... tweaks aren't gonna cut it. You need to do a complete lifestyle overhaul. I carried your baby for nine months and I'm not gonna let her get abandoned the way I did. It's not fun going to a baseball game with your principal or learning how to skip stones from a pamphlet you had to send away for.
Glenn: I am not going to abandon Rose. The Sturgises all live into their 90s. We have kind of a deal... [points to the heavens] Anyway, I'm gonna be fine. Hey, Masoud! Guess who's not pre-diabetic anymore!

Quote from Cheyenne

Jonah: Just a 15 minute power nap. Look, I've recreated your ideal sleep scenario. Okay so warm light, one pillow for your head, one pillow to hug. A laptop cued to the 11 o'clock news...
Cheyenne: Oh, and here's my night guard, in case you need it.
Amy: Um... no, thank you. Guys... I'm the manager of the store. I can't take a nap.
Jonah: Oh, come on. You need to recharge a little. You don't wanna end up collapsing in the store like Glenn.
Cheyenne: Yeah, or, like, falling asleep on the toilet with your underwear around your ankles, so when we find you, it looks like you passed out from pooing too hard, and then every time we look at you we're gonna think, "Oh, my God, that's the lady that pooed so hard she passed out." Is that what you want?
Amy: No, I... I honestly can't say that I want any of that.
Cheyenne: Mm-hmm.

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Quote from Tornado

Carol: I think we should fire the sluts.
Justine: I hope not all of us sluts.
Dina: You're not a slut, Justine. Stop trying to seem interesting.

Quote from Favoritism

Amy: Okay, let's start by hearing everybody's work experience. You first, Justine.
Justine: Oh, okay. Well, um, I have worked here for over three years, and before that I was a dog groomer. So I guess you could say I am good with hot-tempered bitches. [chuckles] I'm sorry. I'm very nervous.
Amy: No, thank you, Justine, for answering the question.