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Quote from Glenn in Minor Crimes

Glenn: [over PA] Attention Cloud 9 shoppers and employees. I, uh... I just wanted to take this moment to, uh... Uh, to... to say goodbye. This is my last day as manager here. I am stepping down to spend more time with my family.
Jonah: Pretty emotional for a guy who only demoted himself to floor worker.
Garrett: Yeah, you'd think he'd mention that part.
Amy: No, he's getting to it. He's been doing the same speech every hour. He wants to cover as many customers as possible. I've heard it five times. He's getting really good at it.
Glenn: ... My second family. While you've been helping people find light bulbs and paper towels, you've also been helping me find myself.


 ‘Minor Crimes’ Quotes

Quote from Mateo

Jonah: Glenn, you're not going to go to prison, okay? It's fine. We- We just need to do about what, 12 grand worth of damage in- In the next hour.
Mateo: Oh. We have fertilizer in the garden center. We can make a bomb.
Jonah: I feel like going from embezzlement to domestic terrorism is the wrong direction.
Mateo: We could hire termites to eat the store.
Jonah: How do you hire termites?
Mateo: I don't know, with wood?

Quote from Marcus

Marcus: You got to do what's for the greater good. If you could cure cancer, but you had to blow up a bus full of children, wouldn't you do it?
Amy: I mean, I guess?
Jonah: Just take the job. You're not just doing it for you. You're doing it for all of us.
Amy: I mean, I guess I would be better than Blaine.
Jonah: Yeah.
Marcus: Hey, Amy, guess what? One of the kids on that bus had the cure. [crunch]
Justine: Twist ending.

Quote from Glenn

Glenn: And guys, I say this a lot, but we really need to wet down those raccoon droppings before we sweep.
Dry sweeping is the reason why those roundworm eggs go airborne. God, I just realized this is the last time I'm going to tell you guys to spray your droppings.
Justine: Aww.