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Quote from Dina in Shadowing Glenn

Justine: Maybe you could be a bike messenger.
Dina: Uh, like Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Premium Rush? I think I'll pass on being chased around by a corrupt cop because I'm unknowingly delivering $50,000 to a Chinese human trafficker, thanks.
Garrett: What are you trying to do, get her killed?
Dina: What about scuba cop? Is that a job?
Jonah: I don't think I see that listed here.
Dina: It's a pass anyway.
Jonah: Ah.
Dina: Too worried about the bends.


 ‘Shadowing Glenn’ Quotes

Quote from Glenn

Glenn: One time, I gave $100 bill in change when it was only supposed to be 35 cents.
Amy: Oh.
Glenn: And then another time, I forgot to put anybody on the schedule, and I had to work the whole day alone in the store.
Amy: Hmm.
Glenn: And then, uh, and then one time I ate everybody's lunch by accident. And, um... Oh, I accidentally ordered some adult toys 'cause I thought they were puzzles.

Quote from Dina

Dina: Hey, I've been thinking about what you said, about how I should be ashamed of my job.
Jonah: Oh, I didn't actually mean you should be ashamed-
Dina: No, no, no. You were right to ridicule me in front of everyone. It was harsh but a real wake-up call.
Jonah: Okay, again, I wasn't trying to ridicule you. I-
Dina: Truth is, I don't wanna do this for the rest of my life. But I don't wanna be a manager either, so what do I do?
Jonah: I mean, you could do whatever you want.
Dina: Oh, really? Could I be a giraffe?
Jonah: Well, within reality.
Dina: Yeah, exactly. How quickly we go from "you can be whatever you wanna be" to "within reality." Okay, drop what you're doing. We have to figure this out.
Jonah: We?
Dina: It is the least you can do after the way you humiliated me. You can't just shiv someone and then walk away. You need to help mop up the blood. Mop up my blood, Jonah.

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Quote from Back to Work

Jonah: Look, all I'm saying is with a little effort it's not that hard to get people to like you.
Dina: I really don't care if people like me.
Jonah: Okay, but... don't you find it hard being a boss to people... that resent you? [employees snicker]
Dina: You do raise a good point.
Jonah: Yeah.
Dina: I watch a lot of Dog Whisperer DVDs and it's always easier to train a bitch who enjoys your scent.
Jonah: That's exactly what I meant.

Quote from Playdate

Garrett: Okay, just keep it simple. Take him out to a nice dinner.
Dina: I don't even know what a nice dinner is. Is it a hot soup followed by a cold soup? Is it a place that gives you bread? Is it a place that wants you to bring your own bread?
Garrett: What are you talking about? You've had dinner before.
Dina: Not as a girlfriend!
Garrett: It's very similar!