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Quote from Amy in Managers' Conference

Amy: I just wanted to lie in bed, order room service, and watch pay-per-view.
Jonah: We still will. We'll sneak out of here as soon as Jeff moves away from the doors.
Amy: He's been standing there for like, 20 minutes. He's just parked there waiting for someone to talk to him. It's so sad.
Jonah: You'd think someone would let the poor guy in on a conversation.
Amy: Yeah, well, everyone here's a d-bag anyway, so-
Jonah: Not everyone.
Amy: Everyone here is a d-bag. This is a room full of d-bags.
Jonah: Come on.
Amy: He's a d-bag. He's a d-bag. She's a triple d-bag. These are the kind of people who come here every year, they eat 1/2 million dollars' worth of shrimp cocktail, and then they tell us that they can't afford maternity leave.


 ‘Managers' Conference’ Quotes

Quote from Sayid

Sayid: I was fleeing the civil war in Syria.
Cheyenne: Whoa, what was Syria like?
Sayid: Not good. Seriously, not good.
Glenn: Yeah, there's all sorts of, like, rampant destruction and beheadings and locusts, right?
Sayid: Yes, though the locusts had nothing to do with the war. They're a seasonal nuisance.
Dina: Hey, what are your thoughts on the movie, Syriana?
Sayid: I thought George Clooney was pretty okay, and Matt Damon was just okay.

Quote from Glenn

Cheyenne: Well, I've heard that E-Verify is full of bugs. Just lots and lots of bugs.
Glenn: They're not bugs, Cheyenne. They're human beings.

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Quote from Lady Boss

Jonah: It wasn't why I was doing it, but I really tapped into something here. These guys are really freaked out about the acquisition.
Amy: Yeah, everybody's freaked out. It's a freaky time. Just tell 'em to take it down and get back to work.
Jonah: Ah, but that'd kinda just be like a Band-Aid, wouldn't it?
Amy: Yeah, Band-Aids heal things. Why does everybody hate Band-Aids?

Quote from Maternity Leave

Amy: Sorry, you think that a bath bomb is the answer to all of my problems?
Glenn: It's not a real bomb, and-
Amy: Just kill yourself!
Glenn: What?
Amy: Kill yourself!
Glenn: Amy-
Amy: No, you don't get to talk right now! I am so tired! I have slept 90 minutes in three days. The lining of my uterus is coming out in clumps. I have hemorrhoids so big that my doctor looked at my [bleep] and said "Whoa!" Have you ever had a doctor look at your [bleep] and say that?
Glenn: [softly] No.
Amy: I am wearing frozen diapers so that my [bleep] doesn't fall out. Okay?!
Glenn: I know, I was just-
Amy: Why haven't you killed yourself?!