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Quote from Marcus in Gender Reveal

Marcus: You guys doing funny accents? [as Nixon] I am not a crook. Ronald Reagan.


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Quote from Dina

Dina: The baby's in a sack anyway. I'm just suggesting we take out that sack, and stuff it into someone else. Maybe Sandra.
Amy: Yeah, I don't think that technology exists.
Dina: What technology? I'm talking about moving a bag of garbage from the kitchen to the side of the house.
Glenn: Bag of garbage?
Amy: You can't just move it. It's attached to things.
Dina: Fine, fine, that's just one idea. We can come up with something else.

Quote from Cheyenne

Jerusha: The doctor says it's normal for the head to be so much bigger than the rest of the body.
Cheyenne: I've heard that successful people have unusually large heads. Look at the Burger King.

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Quote from Blizzard

Marcus: I had just deuced in the shower.
Isaac: Ugh.
Cheyenne: Ugh.
Amy: Why?
Marcus: Okay, right, when you guys are in the shower and you have to go, you just hold it.
Amy: Yes. Yeah. That's what you do when it's a number two.
Marcus: Sure, so you don't poop in the shower every morning and stamp it down the drain with your feet? [Justine gags]
Isaac: Oh, my God.
Marcus: Okay, whatever. Screw you, snowflakes. Bunch of princesses.

Quote from Health Fund

Marcus: You know what, I'm in too. If it is a pyramid scheme, at least I will be on the top ahead of all these suckers.
Jonah: That is sound logic, Marcus.