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Quote from Dina in Golden Globes Party

Dina: How about a game, huh? Who wants to play Crazy Scabies? Floor Shorts? I guess there is enough of us, we could play Hassle the Fishmonger, but we'd have to move the couch.
Garrett: Yeah, no one's ever heard of any of those games.
Dina: Seriously? None of you? Well, what did you do as kids when your mom was out with the men from the bank?


 ‘Golden Globes Party’ Quotes

Quote from Dina

Amy: Anybody want any meat? [silence] Nobody? Really? Nobody? Nobody wants meat?
Dina: I'll take some.
Mateo: Aren't you vegan?
Dina: Uh, yeah, just for, like, 20 years. But when I see meat that looks that delicious, I have to make an exception.
Amy: No, Dina, you don't have to eat that.
Mateo: Ugh.
Dina: Oh, yeah. I guess this is what he used to stand on. They just took off the little foot. I'm going to eat a bird now. I'm going to eat a bird now. I'm gonna... [all groan] [eats] Wow, but is it worth it for that taste! [pained laughter] Yum!

Quote from Kelly

Kelly: Ugh, I'm overdressed. I thought going to a Golden Globes party was like, you dress for the Golden Globes.
Jonah: I think you look nice.
Kelly: I'm just nervous, you know? I mean, I feel like I'm still not part of the group.
Jonah: No, no, you're part of the group. It's like if this was the Scooby Doo gang, you would be Scrappy Doo... a late addition, but everybody loved him.
Kelly: Everyone hated Scrappy Doo. He only got to hang out with them because he was related to Scooby.

Quote from Kelly

Jonah: Uh, it was from before you started. It was this guy that used to come in all the time.
Kelly: And... and he liked mustard?
Dina: "And he liked mustard?" Are you making fun of us?
Kelly: Oh, no.
Jonah: No, he was just, like, um, this, like, old, fancy guy. You know, like from the Grey Poupon commercials.
Garrett: [snooty British voice] Uh, pardon me, but do you have any bags of mulch?
Jonah: He sounded exactly like that.
Kelly: I don't think I've seen that commercial.
Jonah: Yeah, yeah, you have. It's from the '90s. The Grey Poupon commercial.
Kelly: Mm-mm.
Dina: How have you never seen the Grey Poupon commercial?
Kelly: I don't know. But it sounds funny. [laughs awkwardly]
Dina: It wasn't. It wasn't.