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Quote from Jonah in Part-Time Hires

Amy: She just has such an attitude since the divorce. That's why I'm making her work here. I'm hoping she gets some discipline.
Jonah: And you're not worried that if you're too hard on her, Adam gets to be the good guy?
Amy: What? No.
Jonah: It's just that when my parents separated, they both wanted to be the favorite. I came home one day and my dad had gotten me a ten-disc box set of Churchill speeches.
Amy: And that was something you wanted?
Jonah: Uh, yeah. I'm still closer with him than I am with my mom. Although that might be because he doesn't send me long, pointless texts about book club.


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Quote from Dina

Dina: You don't have any of my photos, because I don't pose for them. [laughs] You know, if I ever got kidnapped, the police would have quite a time finding a current photo to put on the news.

Quote from Carol

Carol: Wanna hear a secret?
Kelly: Sure.
Carol: I have a plan to get Jerry back.
Kelly: I'm sorry. I don't know who...
Carol: Sandra's boyfriend. Well, my boyfriend that she stole from me. He's in a coma, but I'm going to sneak into his hospital room when she's not there. I climb up on the bed, and oopsy! I forgot my underwear. Next thing you know, I'm pregnant with Jerry's baby. Now, stay with me, because this is where it starts to get a little dark.
Kelly: That's okay.
Carol: You don't want to hear the rest?
Kelly: No, I'm cool.

Quote from Amy

Amy: Yeah, see, Latino parents are different. We don't really need our kids to like us. We just break their spirit so the world doesn't.
Jonah: Huh. And why... why do you pierce your babies' ears so earl...
Amy: I am not on a panel. This is not "ask a Latina."
Jonah: Got it. I'll just find out on Reddit.