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Quote from Mateo in Brett's Dead

Glenn: Well, you know, I'm still holding out hope that Brett's alive.
Cheyenne: Even with the foot?
Glenn: I don't wanna re-litigate the foot, but... I did wanna write a Brett tribute for the newsletter... you know, just in case. And you guys knew him so well I thought maybe you could help.
Mateo: Of course. I mean, we would love to honor him.
Glenn: So what was his wife's name?
Mateo: Um...
Cheyenne: Cinnamon.
Mateo: Margaret.
Glenn: Cinnamon Margaret?
Cheyenne: Mm-hmm.
Mateo: Yeah. Uh-huh. That is... what we said.


 ‘Brett's Dead’ Quotes

Quote from Glenn

Glenn: I went to the movie Saw thinking it was about carpentry. It is not! I threw up in my lap. And then Jerusha made us stay because it was our date night and the tickets were non-refundable.

Quote from Sandra

Garrett: What's going on? What you guys talking about?
Jonah: Nothing.
Garrett: Nothing? So you guys are just in the hallway staring at each other saying nothing?
Jonah: Well, not nothing. I mean, we were... we were talking about...
Sandra: Jonah's going to a barbecue, and he asked if it'd be interesting to put burrata on a burger instead of provolone. And I said, "Who uses provolone?" [both laughs] And he was laughing, and then I started laughing. And then he asked, "Are burgers cliché in general?" And I said, "No, not if you use venison." But then you said, "Venison does not pair with burrata," so... here we are.

Quote from Sandra

[Sandra plays Radiohead's "Creep" on ukulele]
Sandra: ♪ You're so freakin' special ♪ ♪ I wish I was special ♪ ♪ But I'm a creep ♪ ♪ I'm a weirdo ♪ ♪ What the hell am I doing here? ♪
Jonah: D-Did Brett like Radiohead?
Garrett: No, it's just the only song she knows.
Mateo: Her YouTube channel is so sad.
Sandra: ♪ I don't belong... ♪ ♪ Here ♪ [ukulele flourish]
Amy: Thank you, Sandra. That was... lovely.