Glenn Quote #231

Quote from Glenn in Mateo's Last Day

Glenn: Oh, my God! Look at that! We're famous! 168 reviews.
Jonah: "Store's okay. I usually stop there because it's on my way home."
Glenn: We're on his way home.
Jonah: Uh...
Glenn: Wait, stop! "Cloud 9, more like Cloud 1, as in the one star I'm giving because I can't give zero."
Mateo: Ha! He's a good writer.
Amy: Glenn, just ignore this. That guy's a troll. [off Glenn's look] No, uh, no. Uh, he's a full-sized human being, non-mythical who writes mean things on the Internet.


 ‘Mateo's Last Day’ Quotes

Quote from Cheyenne

Cheyenne: My friends and I would say that you guys are just chilling.
Jonah: Wait, full-on sex is now considered just chilling?
Cheyenne: Uh-huh, and mouth stuff is hanging out, and hand stuff is pretty much, "I like you but just as a friend".
Jonah: Hm.
Garrett: Wow, times have changed.
Dina: Yeah.

Quote from Mateo

Mateo: [on video] What am I gonna miss the most? Uh, the people? They're salt of the Earth. Simple, basic. Just sort of harmless. Am I scared? Of course I'm scared.
Amy: Wait, so, um, who's asking you these questions?
Mateo: Uh...
Glenn: Whoa.
Garrett: That is not your chest.
Mateo: Yes it is.
Garrett: Then take off your shirt.
Mateo: I had a big breakfast.
Mateo: [on video] My advice? I guess it would be leaving every place you work at a little bit better than when you found it. Did I do that here? Who can say? Yes. I think I did.
Dina: Well, that was a massive waste of time.
Glenn: Okay, moving on. We have not had a tornado drill in eight years, so we really should...
Mateo: [on video] I started this journey as a small child in the Philippines... [all groan]

Quote from Mateo

Cheyenne: This is where you'll be working? It looks so different.
Mateo: It's a Cloud 9 Signature. They have a beauty concierge, their produce is all organic, and their cafe has never given anyone diarrhea.
Amy: That is impressive.