Dina Quote #156

Quote from Dina in Lost and Found

Garrett: Oh, hey, Dina, what's up?
Dina: So are you just planning to avoid me until one of us quits, or...?
Garrett: No, no, no, no, it's just, you know, I've been busy. You know, different shifts, whatevers and etceteras. Look, Dina, the time we had together was special, but, as a child of divorce...
Dina: Oh, believe me. I have absolutely no interest in pursuing this. I mean, do you have any idea the kind of men I've had? Sky diving instructors, hand models, two of the original members of Fine Young Cannibals. Come on.


 ‘Lost and Found’ Quotes

Quote from Garrett

Garrett: Ooh, oh, it's a VHS copy of Murder, She Wrote, seasons three, episodes seven through nine.

Quote from Glenn

Glenn: You know, some days you get the giraffe, some days you get the wig.
Amy: I'm sorry?
Glenn: It's an expression. You haven't heard that?

Quote from Janet

Glenn: Hey, Janet. What's your favorite animal?
Janet: A clownfish...
Glenn: Okay.
Janet: Riding a bicycle.