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Quote from Cheyenne in Depositions

Cheyenne: Hey, Dina, Brett wants to go home because of his sciatica? Is that a real thing, or is it like when Isaac needed Friday off for an appointment with his Mandalorian?


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Quote from Cheyenne

Cheyenne: In tenth grade, I was caught between Bo and this guy Darius that he used to freestyle rap with.
Dina: What did you do?
Cheyenne: I told Bo how I felt, and then he took a poo in the backseat of Darius's mom's station wagon.
Dina: Cheyenne, I had such high hopes, and have truly no idea what to take from that story.
Cheyenne: I'm just saying that you should tell Garrett how you feel because maybe he feels the same way. And if he's not willing to take a crap in the backseat of Brian's car, then.... pfft, there's no decision to make.

Quote from Carol

Jonah: Oh, hey, there's Carol, everybody.
Marcus: Hey, Carol, can you talk to your lawyer? Jonah screwed up royally, and now she's going after Glenn.
Carol: Oh, no, I hate to hear that. But gotta let the lawyers do their job, right? [inhales] Now, what should I name my boat? I'm leaning toward "Wet Ride," but I'm open to other ideas.

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Quote from Election Day

Cheyenne: Oh, I'm not 18 yet. You know, it's funny. I can drink, but I can't vote.

Quote from Toy Drive

Amy: What kind of organization hires a guy like that anyway? I mean, I bet this whole Samaritans thing is just a big scam.
Cheyenne: Yeah, like those charities that send someone a cow in a third world country and then it just ends up taking a bite out of their TV and, like, hogging the shower and stuff.
Jonah: Was that... Are you thinking of a cartoon?