Dina Quote #441

Quote from Dina in Shadowing Glenn

Jonah: Look, you can't expect to figure out your entire future in a day. I spent 200 grand on higher education, and I still haven't figured it out.
Dina: 200 grand? Your parents must be pissed.
Jonah: Nope. All student loans.
Dina: You have $200,000 in student loan debt? Ha! I mean, the interest on that alone must be more than you make here.
Jonah: Well, yeah. I mean, sure...
Dina: That means every single day, even after you've worked a full day, you are more in debt than you were the day before. [laughs]
Jonah: Uh-huh.
Dina: Wow, I thought I was in trouble, but... ha! I mean, you're just as lost as I am, and you're 2 hundy in the hole. That's pretty weird to think about, huh? [laughs]
Jonah: That is weird.


 ‘Shadowing Glenn’ Quotes

Quote from Glenn

Glenn: One time, I gave $100 bill in change when it was only supposed to be 35 cents.
Amy: Oh.
Glenn: And then another time, I forgot to put anybody on the schedule, and I had to work the whole day alone in the store.
Amy: Hmm.
Glenn: And then, uh, and then one time I ate everybody's lunch by accident. And, um... Oh, I accidentally ordered some adult toys 'cause I thought they were puzzles.

Quote from Dina

Justine: Maybe you could be a bike messenger.
Dina: Uh, like Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Premium Rush? I think I'll pass on being chased around by a corrupt cop because I'm unknowingly delivering $50,000 to a Chinese human trafficker, thanks.
Garrett: What are you trying to do, get her killed?
Dina: What about scuba cop? Is that a job?
Jonah: I don't think I see that listed here.
Dina: It's a pass anyway.
Jonah: Ah.
Dina: Too worried about the bends.

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Quote from Back to Work

Jonah: Look, all I'm saying is with a little effort it's not that hard to get people to like you.
Dina: I really don't care if people like me.
Jonah: Okay, but... don't you find it hard being a boss to people... that resent you? [employees snicker]
Dina: You do raise a good point.
Jonah: Yeah.
Dina: I watch a lot of Dog Whisperer DVDs and it's always easier to train a bitch who enjoys your scent.
Jonah: That's exactly what I meant.

Quote from Playdate

Garrett: Okay, just keep it simple. Take him out to a nice dinner.
Dina: I don't even know what a nice dinner is. Is it a hot soup followed by a cold soup? Is it a place that gives you bread? Is it a place that wants you to bring your own bread?
Garrett: What are you talking about? You've had dinner before.
Dina: Not as a girlfriend!
Garrett: It's very similar!