Dina Quote #2

Quote from Dina in Pilot

Dina: All right, campers, listen up. I've got an important announcement. This is your garden variety generic decongestant. And this is crystal meth, okay? The tweakers use this to make this. So stop selling them this, so they can't make this.
Cheyenne: That guy told me he had a really bad cold.
Dina: He was buying 35 boxes, Cheyenne. That should have been a red flag, okay? Use your noggin.
Glenn: Let's thank Dina for that helpful tip of the day. Thank you, Dina.
Garrett: Am I the only one that thinks it's weird that she walking around with a bag of crystal meth?


 ‘Pilot’ Quotes

Quote from Dina

Dina: Just checking over your new hire forms. American citizen. Nice. [chuckles] No dependents. Me neither, unless you count my birds. [both laugh] It just doesn't say anywhere on here if you've got a girlfriend.
Jonah: I didn't... is there a space for that?
Dina: There's this section here: "Is there anything else we should know?" Some people like to volunteer it.
Jonah: Oh. Um... then also no.
Dina: No.
Jonah: No.
Dina: Okay, well, I will just jot that down, then. But you are heterosexual, right?
Jonah: Is... are you allowed to ask that?
Dina: No. Smart.

Quote from Amy

Jonah: Hey, listen. I... I think there might have been a misunderstanding. I'm not an elitist, so...
Amy: Oh, elitist? What is that?
Jonah: Like, a person who thinks their better than... You know what elitist means.
Amy: Oh, yeah. They learnt that to us in public school.

 Dina Fox Quotes

Quote from Back to Work

Jonah: Look, all I'm saying is with a little effort it's not that hard to get people to like you.
Dina: I really don't care if people like me.
Jonah: Okay, but... don't you find it hard being a boss to people... that resent you? [employees snicker]
Dina: You do raise a good point.
Jonah: Yeah.
Dina: I watch a lot of Dog Whisperer DVDs and it's always easier to train a bitch who enjoys your scent.
Jonah: That's exactly what I meant.

Quote from Playdate

Garrett: Okay, just keep it simple. Take him out to a nice dinner.
Dina: I don't even know what a nice dinner is. Is it a hot soup followed by a cold soup? Is it a place that gives you bread? Is it a place that wants you to bring your own bread?
Garrett: What are you talking about? You've had dinner before.
Dina: Not as a girlfriend!
Garrett: It's very similar!