Myrtle Quote #9

Quote from Myrtle in Cheyenne's Wedding

Myrtle: What is he wearing? He looks like a woman.
Garrett: Bo? Bo is a woman.
Myrtle: Oh? Lesbians.
Garrett: Big-time.
Myrtle: The whole world's going gay.


 ‘Cheyenne's Wedding’ Quotes

Quote from Cheyenne

Jonah: What am I supposed to wear to your wedding? The invitation just says, "Not basic."
Cheyenne: You know, not basic. I don't know how to explain it more than that.
Amy: Yeah, like, Adam's wearing a gray suit.
Cheyenne: Mm, I mean, that's, like, semi-basic, but you guys are old. No one's looking at you anyways.

Quote from Mateo

Mateo: What is his game? He just shows up out of nowhere, flashing those legs, carrying a baby around. I get it... you're father material. I mean, I hate kids, but I love dads.

 Myrtle Quotes

Quote from Valentine's Day

Amy: Hi, Myrtle. Look, I just... I want to say I'm sorry. I was totally out of line.
Myrtle: He was saying such filth, how much he liked my sweater.
Amy: Oh, well, is that really that bad?
Myrtle: He meant he liked what's under my sweater.
Amy: Okay, maybe, but maybe... I don't know... it is possible that you misunderstood what he said or...
Myrtle: Oh, blame the victim. She's blaming the victim!

Quote from Scanners

Myrtle: This is just the beginning. What kind of job will be left for me 30 years from now? [overlapping chatter]
Garrett: Powerlifter? Zumba instructor?