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Quote from Sandra in Ladies' Lunch

Amy: And, um, Sandra, you're still with Jeff?
Sandra: Um, yeah. It's fine.
Dina: It's fine? This is ladies' lunch, Sandra. We need deets.
Sandra: Oh, okay. Um... We spend hours on the phone, just talking. He loves my taste in music. I spend the night at his hotel when he's in town. We make love on silk sheets. Oh, God, he's... gentle and strong. Sometimes he's dark. He took me to the edge of his balcony once and he asked, "Are you afraid?" And I said, "Yes." And he said, "Good. That's how I feel with you." And then we made love. And then we ate dinner. And it was fancy. He thinks I'm prettier than my sister. Yeah.


 ‘Ladies' Lunch’ Quotes

Quote from Justine

Waiter: Can I start you ladies off with some drinks, or...
Justine: No, we don't drink. Ha. Can you imagine? Glug, glug, glug, glug. [laughs] Oh, uh, white wine. Two ice cubes.

Quote from Justine

Justine: I'm gonna get another Long Island iced tea, beyotches! Whoo!
All: Whoo!
Justine: [to bartender] Diet Coke, please.

Quote from Dina

Dina: This is for your own good.
Amy: Yeah, you didn't have to kidnap me, Dina.
Dina: Kidnapping is what you do to children. You're pushing 40. I abducted you.