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Lost and Found

‘Lost and Found’

Season 2, Episode 11 - Aired January 5, 2017

Amy winds up with a big wad of cash after the annual lucky dip in the lost & found bin, but her selflessness threatens to keep her from really enjoying the money. Meanwhile, things are awkward between Garrett and Dina after they kissed each other.

Quote from Dina

Garrett: Oh, hey, Dina, what's up?
Dina: So are you just planning to avoid me until one of us quits, or...?
Garrett: No, no, no, no, it's just, you know, I've been busy. You know, different shifts, whatevers and etceteras. Look, Dina, the time we had together was special, but, as a child of divorce...
Dina: Oh, believe me. I have absolutely no interest in pursuing this. I mean, do you have any idea the kind of men I've had? Sky diving instructors, hand models, two of the original members of Fine Young Cannibals. Come on.


Quote from Garrett

Garrett: Ooh, oh, it's a VHS copy of Murder, She Wrote, seasons three, episodes seven through nine.

Quote from Janet

Glenn: Hey, Janet. What's your favorite animal?
Janet: A clownfish...
Glenn: Okay.
Janet: Riding a bicycle.

Quote from Glenn

Glenn: You know, some days you get the giraffe, some days you get the wig.
Amy: I'm sorry?
Glenn: It's an expression. You haven't heard that?

Quote from Glenn

Mateo: Ugh, can we, like, get some coat hooks or something?
Amy: Well, before we do that, can we fix this drip? Or, like, at least get a new bucket?
Glenn: Oh, I would love to fix that, but, no, corporate only gave us $15.00 for break room repairs, and we blew through that on the bat traps.

Quote from Dina

Dina: Speaking of corporate, this memo just came through: "This time of year, many of us suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Look out for the following symptoms of depression..."
Glenn: Pfft! Who would get depressed here?
Dina: "Listlessness..."
Glenn: Come on.
Dina: "Irritability..."
Glenn: You wish.
Dina: "General discontent..."
Glenn: No way.
Dina: "Apathy..."
Glenn: Give me a break.
Dina: "Above all, remember Cloud 9 cares. This memo clears parent company of any liability for employee suicide."
Garrett: Hmm, Cloud 9 really does care.
Dina: Well, they did send a letter.

Quote from Cheyenne

Dina: All right, ticktock, come on.
Cheyenne: I think I saw a stuffed giraffe in here, and Harmonica loves giraffes, so, uh, ooh!
Jonah: And it's a wig.
Cheyenne: Ooh, I can't give this to her. She'll think I'm slamming her for being bald.

Quote from Glenn

Glenn: Hey, Cheyenne. How you doing?
Cheyenne: Just a little down, you know, some days you get the giraffe, and other days you get the wig.
Glenn: That's so true. But hey, what is your favorite animal, hmm? [removes balloon]
Cheyenne: Ooh, a peacock.
Glenn: A peacock. Okay, that's... that's ambitious. I know how to do a dog, so...
Cheyenne: Okay, dog.
Glenn: No, no, you said peacock. One peacock, coming up. [balloon snaps]
Cheyenne: Ow! My eye! Ow, ow, ow!
Glenn: Oh, oh, no, no, I did-
Cheyenne: Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!

Quote from Jonah

Jonah: Amy, I have an important question. Might I borrow these this weekend? I'm attending the opera.
Dina: Um, yes, all you need now is a T-shirt with Bugs Bunny dressed like a cholo, and you're ready to go.
Jonah: Oh, you know what? I think you left some stuff in your pockets. Yeah, here we go. Here is your old end of a joint. Enjoy.
Amy: Yes, I've been looking for that.
Jonah: Here's your halffilled tin of dip, didn't know you were a dipper.
Amy: Yeah, don't even talk to me before I dip.
Jonah: Fliers for sexy escorts.
Amy: Gross.
Jonah: This one says, "Carerra is gymnast." So you might wanna keep her at the top of the pile. An old receipt, and, uh, here is your... giant wad of cash.
Amy: Seriously?

Quote from Jonah

Amy: Nine hundred and six dollars.
Jonah: Somewhere in St. Louis, there's an overweight stoner who can't pay his escort.

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