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Lady Boss

‘Lady Boss’

Season 5, Episode 11 -  Aired January 9, 2020

As Jonah takes up the cause of gender equality, some of the men at Cloud 9 rebel against the company's new female-led owner. Meanwhile, Dina and Garrett try to help Sandra stand up to Carol.

Quote from Sandra

Sandra: I didn't invite Carol to the wedding.
Garrett: Yeah, I was able to piece that together. But I thought you guys were cool?
Sandra: No. I mean... She's been helping me with wedding stuff, but I'm still a little nervous. I walked in on her in the bathroom yesterday, and she was practicing smiling.
Garrett: Okay, you know what? You're making too big a deal out of this. You just need to go up to her and go, "Carol, you're not coming to the wedding."
Sandra: Wow, what a wordsmith. You should tell her exactly like that.
Garrett: Oh, me?
Sandra: No, I'm not... You're right. It just makes sense since you're Jerry's best man. Thanks, Garrett. You don't have to get us a wedding present. Telling Carol is more than enough. [walks off]
Garrett: Oh, hey, that's my phone.


Quote from Mateo

Jonah: Slow day at the Vision Center?
Mateo: I'm avoiding Dan today. He just saw Fight Club so he's having a really dated midlife crisis.

Quote from Jonah

Jonah: Cool shirts.
Cheyenne: I know, right?
Jonah: Who knew Cloud 9 would ever catch up to intersectional feminism?
Mateo: We'll look it up later. Don't give him the satisfaction.
Jonah: Although, I do wonder if there's an opportunity here to... to kind of make more of a statement out of this? Instead of just makeup and phones, what if we gave them all computers, you know? Or... or... or put them in, like, a science lab, you know? You know, like, Marie Curie and... I... her gang.
Mateo: You want to give mannequins jobs? Never forget how fun you are, Jonah.

Quote from Marcus

Marcus: Whoa, man. Did you take all those girly power shirts down?
Jonah: Oh, yeah. I-it was problematic.
Marcus: Yeah, I know. Yeah, so much for "nothing's gonna change," huh? That new girl CEO isn't wasting much time.
Jonah: I... I don't think there's a connection. These... These had to be ordered way before the acquisition.
Marcus: Oh, yeah. Hey, could you direct me to the shirts that say "boy boss"?
Jonah: Would you want that shirt?
Marcus: Yeah, zip that baby up underneath the coveralls and feel secretly powerful all day? My point is, a lot of guys around here feel the same way we do about this stuff.
Jonah: We... We don't feel the same about anything, really.
Marcus: Hey, you don't have to be ashamed.
Jonah: I'm not.
Marcus: You're fighting the good fight.
Jonah: Nope, different fight. Better fight.
Marcus: Same team.

Quote from Dina

Dina: It's not a wig. Even though we want it to be a wig, that's pure Carol.
Garrett: Oh, no, uh, actually, I got roped in to telling Carol that she's not invited to Sandra's wedding.
Dina: Of course she isn't. She's still into Jerry.
Garrett: You know, maybe breaking the news to Carol is more of a maid of honor kind of thing?
Dina: Sure, I'm great at delivering bad news. I would've crushed it as a doctor. "It's terminal!" See? Informational, professional, brief. [shouts] Hey, Carol, you're not invited to Sandra's wedding!
Garrett: I think it just might be awkward, 'cause of your history with Jerry.
Carol: Oh, that. That's all in the past. Sandra and I are besties now. There's no way I'm missing that wedding. I'd rather die.

Quote from Garrett

Sandra: She didn't believe you?
Garrett: Look, Sandra, I think maybe she needs to hear it from you. Mostly 'cause, we ain't gonna try again.
Dina: We're not.
Sandra: It's fine. Carol can go to the wedding, and Jerry and I won't go. We can have our own secret wedding in our apartment and dance with our cat.
Garrett: Or maybe there's a slightly less depressing solution, like, we get her to do something else that's better than your wedding. Like going to a movie. A really... A really good movie.
Dina: Oh, come on, Garrett. It wouldn't have to be that good.

Quote from Sandra

Sandra: Carol, so, um... I ended up buying these tickets to Whitney Houston's hologram tour, but they're on the same day as my wedding. Do you want 'em?
Carol: No, thanks. I liked Whitney as an actor, but as a singer, not so much.
Sandra: That's so lucky, because this is a tour of her hologram just acting out scenes from movies. Anyway, here, I'll save you some cake.
Carol: Sandra, did Dina and Garrett put you up to this?
Sandra: Wh- What? No. I mean, they might have...
Carol: They're trying to control your wedding. They told me I'm not invited. Can you believe that?
Sandra: Carol, this isn't easy for me to say, but you're... Right. They probably tricked me. That's probably what happened. Yeah. [hands tickets to a customer]

Quote from Marcus

Jonah: Why don't we set some ground rules so that everyone feels like they've got a safe space that they can...
Earl: Nope, nope. I'm not saying squat in anything called a "safe space."
Dan: What if we call it "the Octagon."
Marcus: Aw, hell yeah. There you go.
Carol: What does that mean?
Jonah: Yeah, whatever they wanna...
Amy: Okay, yeah, fine. Welcome to the Octagon.
Earl: Welcome to the Octagon!
Marcus: And just to be clear: you will not be judged here in the Octagon. Right? Just want to make sure I'm safe.

Quote from Cheyenne

Cheyenne: Personally, I'm not a feminist.
Amy: What?
Cheyenne: Yeah, I just think that men and women should be treated equally.
Amy: Yeah, Cheyenne, that's what feminism means.
Cheyenne: Oh, well, now I wish I was a feminist.

Quote from Marcus

Amy: Hey, guys, I'm pretty sure there are some sections in the store that need covering. Hey, Marcus, put some pants on.
Marcus: I bet you wouldn't say that if I was a woman wearing my underwear.
Amy: Uh, yeah I would.
Marcus: Sorry, I meant, uh, a woman wearing her own underwear. Like, "my underwear." Like, "I'm a woman, wearing women's underwear."
Earl: Okay, just stop.
Marcus: No, you're making this weird.
Earl: No, you're making it weird.
Marcus: Just touch my underwear.

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