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Jeff: Besides, this is your fault. If you had stopped the store from unionizing like I said, Cloud 9 would have never sent ICE.
Amy: Why do people keep blaming this on me? How was I supposed to know?
Richard: Wait, I'm sorry. Did you say the company called ICE because you were unionizing?
Jeff: I mostly said it was Amy's fault, but yeah.
Richard: ICE isn't supposed to do worksite enforcement during a labor dispute. If you guys have proof that corporate ordered the raid, then we might have a better chance.
Amy: Proof? Yes. We have that. W- We'll go get it.


Quote from Testimonials

Richard: So your contact fell through?
Jeff: Yeah, and I'm kicking myself, because if I had just recorded the meeting when they decided to call ICE...
Richard: Wait, I didn't realize you were in the room. Well, we can just have you go on record at the hearing.
Amy: What? Really? Amazing! Let's do that.
Jeff: Yeah, yeah. On the record? Like the official record? I mean, like, corporate could hear that I said it?
Amy: Jeff.
Jeff: No, it's totally fine. Totally fine. But, you know what? Um, yeah. I'm not gonna do it.

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Jeff: I'm sorry, I can't afford to lose this job. I just bought a third Subaru.
Amy: How could you do this to Mateo?
Jeff: Look, what if I lose my job and he doesn't get out? I mean, then nobody wins.
Cheyenne: [enters] Hey, Amy. I just finished cleaning out Mateo's locker. Should I send this stuff to his family?
Amy: I mean, I guess, if it's just a bunch of personal stuff.
Cheyenne: Mostly gum and a few Celine Dion hats.
Jeff: Wait. What's this? He still had this in his locker?
Amy: Yeah, he had it hung up in there.
Jeff: Huh. I didn't realize he still had feelings. Wow, this is big, um... I'll do it.
Amy: What?
Jeff: I'll testify.

Quote from Customer Satisfaction

Jeff: Glenn, you backing this up?
Glenn: Mm-hmm. That's what I always say.
Jeff: [scoffs] Fine. Okay. This store... My boyfriend, Trevor, is not gonna believe the day I've had. [walks off]
Glenn: Fake boyfriend?
Dina: Oh, 100%. Yeah.

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