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Health Fund

‘Health Fund’

Season 3, Episode 6 -  Aired November 2, 2017

Jonah has the idea of creating a fund for the Cloud 9 staff to cover their healthcare expenses. Meanwhile, Glenn worries about a mole in a delicate place.

Quote from Glenn

Dina: My derm's taking forever getting back to me. Such a power move. Classic derm.
Glenn: What if it is cancer? The Sturgis genes will die with me. I never had kids. Well, I mean, I fostered, but you know, none straight out of the doodle.
Dina: Well, there's still time. Jerusha's still got a few years left, and there's always science. In a few years we'll probably all have pig organs.
Glenn: Yeah, you're right. [cell phone dings]
Dina: Oh. You're in the clear. It's not melanoma.
Glenn: Yeah.
Dina: Well, I should get back to work.
Glenn: Dina. Thank you.
Dina: You're welcome. Also... [holds up phone] Never forget that I have this. [exits]
Glenn: I'm gonna have a baby.


Quote from Glenn

Female voice: [on phone] We appreciate your patience.
Please state your reason for requesting a dermatologist.
Glenn: Uh, I have a mole on my, um... You know.
Female voice: I didn't get that.
Glenn: Yeah, I'm not comfortable talking to a lady. Is there a male robot I could talk to?
Female voice: I didn't get that.
Glenn: It's on my bathing suit area.
Female voice: I didn't get that.
Glenn: Could I just make an appointment? Please.
Female voice: The next appointment with a dermatologist is... June 17, 2018.
Glenn: That's six months away.
Female voice: If you are finished with your call please press five or hang up. [Glenn presses 5] Please hold for a quick survey.
Glenn: Oh, okay.

Quote from Glenn

Glenn: Thanks for taking a look.
Tate: Yeah, sure.
Glenn: Yes. [starts to unbutton belt] I'm sorry, this is so awkward.
Tate: Here, this will help, I'm sure. [starts to unbutton own belt]
Glenn: What... what are you doing?
Tate: I'm making you less self-conscious.
Glenn: No, you don't have to do that.
Tate: Hey, it's my pleasure.
Glenn: No, I... really rather you didn't.
Tate: Oh, is that a fact. Well and I'm so hideous you couldn't possibly look at my rig, is that it?
Glenn: No, I just...
Tate: You think your penis is better than mine?
Glenn: No, I...
Tate: Go on, look at it. Look at it.
Glenn: I don't want to.
Tate: Do me a kindness, Glenn, and look at my penis. Do it.
Glenn: [looks] Sorry.
Tate: Yeah. Me too.

Quote from Dina

Kelly: Yeah, Jonah's pretty smart, huh?
Amy: Well, I mean, it wasn't really that big of a deal. We were just discussing our healthcare situation, and we came up with it.
Kelly: Oh, so you helped him think of it?
Amy: No. No, no, no, Jonah is definitely the one who took the ball and ran with it. I'm just the one who like... I don't know... like invented the ball or whatever.
Dina: I know what this is. You're going through a divorce. Now Jonah's being the mother bear that you usually are. Plus, the divorce.
Amy: No, that's not what I...
Dina: [quietly] Guys. Play along. She needs this.

Quote from Jonah

Jonah: Are you sure you should be putting superglue on an open wound?
Tate: Mm, yeah, probably. Bodies are weird.

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