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Season 4, Episode 16 -  Aired April 18, 2019

Amy becomes obsessed with what her subordinates think of her after she learns there's a camera in the break room. Meanwhile, Glenn gets a big part in an Easter play, and Dina tries to track down an unauthorized Easter Bunny roaming the aisles of the store.

Quote from Garrett

Garrett: [over PA] Attention, Cloud 9 shoppers. Easter is upon us. So treat your kids to a Cloud 9 Easter basket, full of candy, toys and HDMI cables, because we had an overstock. Happy Easter.


Quote from Glenn

Amy: Glenn, you had an announcement.
Glenn: Yeah. Thank you, Amy. Uh, I just wanted to remind you all that I'm acting in my church's Passion play tonight. It's just a little part, Villager Number Four. I'm trying to do things that are kind of outside my comfort zone. Like, last week I tried hummus, and, I'm sorry, I'm not a fan.
Amy: Oh, do you think that I'm-
Glenn: Yeah, I'm sorry.
Amy: Or that hummus is- Thank you for trying it.

Quote from Dina

Dina: Hey, Sandra, did you see a large Easter Bunny walk past just now?
Sandra: What did he look like?
Dina: A man-sized rabbit, Sandra. Two large ears, cottontail, capable of walking on his hind feet while using his front feet like hands. Why do I need to describe this to you?
Sandra: No, I didn't, but did see a zucchini that looked a lot like a cucumber, and I thought, whoa, that could really mess up dinner.
Dina: How is that helpful to me? Look, we have to find this bunny.
Sandra: Is it that big a deal what someone dressed up as an Easter Bunny on Easter?
Dina: It could be a serial killer, Sandra. Or a terrorist. Or a spy. So if you see him, call me on the walkie immediately. Code Cottontail.
Sandra: You got it. What if I see another zucumber? That's what I call a zucchini that looks like a cucumber.
Dina: I'd like to meet your mother and shove you back up inside of her.
Sandra: Yeah.

Quote from Cheyenne

Mateo: What is up with her lately? She's so uptight.
Cheyenne: Yeah, well, she's about to chill the F out. I had some ecstasy left over from St. Patrick's Day, so I put some in her coffee.
Mateo: Oh, no.
Amy: [o.s.] What the hell?
Mateo: She deserves it.
Carol: Oh, good for you.
Amy: [enters] You drugged me? What the hell is wrong with you? Oh, my God, my heart is beating so fast. Oh, how much did you give me?
Cheyenne: None, bitch. You caught.

Quote from Carol

Cheyenne: What other private areas do you spy on us in? Are there cameras in the bathroom?
Carol: Oh, my God, are you watching us masturbate at work?
Amy: Uh... no. And you shouldn't be masturbating at work.
Carol: Then how do you know I'm doing it? [raises hand for a high-five]
Cheyenne: I'm good, thanks.

Quote from Carol

Carol: So when we do need to masturbate, where are we supposed to go?
Amy: I don't know, maybe hold it?
Sandra: You can go to your car.
Garrett: Loading dock.
Cheyenne: Milk aisle.
Amy: [clears throat]
Mateo: There's a nook in the Garden Center that's good.
Glenn: Or hell.

Quote from Glenn

Glenn: Behold, he is a-aroused? A raisin?
Cheyenne: Risen. He is risen.
Glenn: Risen. God, brain fart. This is hard.
Cheyenne: Acting is hard. Blake Lively always says that.
Glenn: Well, he's right. [phone rings] It's a lot of pressure.

Quote from Glenn

Jonah: Bad news?
Glenn: Yeah, Scott Bankroft broke his leg. And now I'm playing the role of Judas. Judas Iscariot!
Jonah: Yeah, we know who Judas is.
Glenn: Son of Cyborea and Simon Iscariot.
Jonah: That I did not know.

Quote from Amy

Amy: He coulda just been like, "Amy, those little air check things you do are stupid." But instead, he mocks me behind my back.
Jonah: Are you allowed to videotape people without their knowledge?
Amy: It's a gray area. And then to my face he was all like, "I love it." Like totally lies. And I just wanted to be like, "I heard you, you dick."
Jonah: Also, if that's not a functioning smoke alarm, what happens if there's a fire?
Amy: Will you focus?

Quote from Sayid

Cheyenne: Ugh, Amy's making me stay after to do back stock.
Carol: She's, like, super grumpy today.
Sayid: She's a real grumplestiltskin. Did I use that right?
Mateo: Mm-hmm.
Carol: You did, yeah.

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