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Season 6, Episode 10 -  Aired February 25, 2021

Jonah tries to coach Glenn when Carol's lawyer arrives at the store to depose him about the electruction. Meanwhile, Dina gets jealous when she sees Garrett talking to other women.

Quote from Cheyenne

Cheyenne: Hey, Dina, Brett wants to go home because of his sciatica? Is that a real thing, or is it like when Isaac needed Friday off for an appointment with his Mandalorian?


Quote from Carol

Jonah: Oh, hey, there's Carol, everybody.
Marcus: Hey, Carol, can you talk to your lawyer? Jonah screwed up royally, and now she's going after Glenn.
Carol: Oh, no, I hate to hear that. But gotta let the lawyers do their job, right? [inhales] Now, what should I name my boat? I'm leaning toward "Wet Ride," but I'm open to other ideas.

Quote from Cheyenne

Cheyenne: In tenth grade, I was caught between Bo and this guy Darius that he used to freestyle rap with.
Dina: What did you do?
Cheyenne: I told Bo how I felt, and then he took a poo in the backseat of Darius's mom's station wagon.
Dina: Cheyenne, I had such high hopes, and have truly no idea what to take from that story.
Cheyenne: I'm just saying that you should tell Garrett how you feel because maybe he feels the same way. And if he's not willing to take a crap in the backseat of Brian's car, then.... pfft, there's no decision to make.

Quote from Mateo

Sandra: You're looking at a boot? You're not a boot guy.
Mateo: I know. Everyone knows that. But I'm just seeing what's out there, because... someone's getting their ankle monitor off today!
Sandra: Oh, my God, Mateo, that's huge!
Mateo: I know, right? Girl, it has sucked! Feeling like a criminal every time I tied my shoes...
Sandra: Ooh! Why not get yourself some capri pants, too, so you can show off your ankle?
Mateo: I'd rather go back to jail.

Quote from Marcus

Cheyenne: How much is Cloud 9 gonna have to pay Carol?
Marcus: Oh, I heard about a guy who got his butt sliced off when a shelf fell. Voop! 10 million.
Glenn: What?
Dina: No, no...
Cheyenne: Dang, that's a nice payday.
Garrett: I'm sorry, a guy got his butt sliced off, and we didn't hear about it in the news?

Quote from Carol

Mateo: Wait, so Carol could get $10 million?
Sandra: [laughs] Okay. That makes sense. T- The world makes sense.
Cheyenne: She'll be able to do that thing where you buy a car and you just drive it once. Like, when you get to where you're going, you just toss the keys to whoever and leave.
Mateo: No, she's the kinda person who'd blow it all on exotic animals, then die broke in the bathroom of a Red Robin.
Glenn: Carol, you can probably just go start your shift now.
Carol: No, I'm good. Is this what today's gonna be like, everyone talking about me? God, I'm gonna hate this! [smiles]

Quote from Sandra

Hannah: Excuse me. Can you help me find Carol Maloon? I'm her attorney, Hannah Connelly?
Sandra: Well, hear this. Carol's gonna do everything she can to pin this on me, but if she wants to make this ugly, I will drag it all the way to hell!
Mateo: I think she's in floral. On your left, just ahead towards the register.

Quote from Dina

Garrett: Hey, Dina, did ya see? Lazer Maze finally reopened.
Dina: Yeah! Took 'em long enough. What, one black light falls on a kid, and you have to close for a year?
Garrett: Well, COVID...
Dina: Oh, right.

Quote from Dina

Garrett: And there's that Mediterranean place next door. We could fuel up first. I mean, if that's... cool.
Dina: Why wouldn't it be? Because of my views on the Greeks?
Garrett: What? No. I'm just trying to be good about the boundaries that you and Brian set up.
Dina: Oh, no, it's not like a date. As long as whatever we're doing ends in sex, it's like the laser tag is just extended foreplay.
Garrett: Right. Foreplay surrounded by teenagers and cardboard aliens. I been turned on by worse.
Dina: Me, too.

Quote from Glenn

Jonah: Okay, state your name for the record.
Glenn: Glenn Sturgis. Why are you writing that down? That's the right answer.
Jonah: No, no, this is what lawyers do. They might take notes, but you can't let that distract you.
Glenn: Oh, mind games! Oh, okay, well, sure, yeah... game on. Check and mate. Oh.
Jonah: Sure. Uh, also, they might let a quiet moment hang after you've answered a question. Silences are uncomfortable, and so people will try to fill them and then end up saying more.
Glenn: Oh, okay. Got it. No problem. [sighs] [awkward silence] Ha. What is this? Are you doing it now? [Jonah is silent] Are you mad at me? Did you find out that I accidentally hit your car in the parking lot? Because it was just a scratch! You think you're so perfect, you know? Well, I used to have a body like that once. So, you know... Sso check out your future, you fart face!
Jonah: Okay. So, some things to work on.

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