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Deep Cleaning

‘Deep Cleaning’

Season 6, Episode 11 -  Aired March 4, 2021

With the store closed for a deep clean, Glenn decides to host a holiday party for the employees who've missed so much during the pandemic. Meanwhile, Mateo hopes to impress Eric's parents when they pick up an order, and Dina gets high off the cleaning fumes.

Quote from Glenn

Glenn: Okay, I think we can make this work. You know, we'll just pick the fur out, and, you know... and then sort of smush it back together, and then let the good times roll.
Garrett: Come on, Glenn. It's fine. We'll just tell people the party's off.
Glenn: No! People deserve a good time. Come on. We can fix this. Garrett, why aren't you picking and smushing?
Garrett: 'Cause I'm not gonna do that, dude! Just get over it. There's nothing you can do to make people happy. That's just the way it is. The pandemic happened, and everybody had a [bleep] year.
Glenn: You don't think I know that? Look, I gotta try to give them something! I mean, people have been working nonstop for so long, risking their health, you know, and then we didn't even get Christmas. You know, we had to stay at home eating baloney sandwiches and watching church on Facebook Live! I- I- People have missed out on so much. And I just wanna give them, like, one little ray of sunshine, but I guess not! Not in this... piece of crap year! [eats]
Garrett: Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Glenn: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'm eating raccoon fur. And I don't care!


Quote from Carol

Hannah: So that's all I need from you. I'll give you a call if there's any updates.
Carol: Great. And did you get my text about which employees here I think are circumcised?
Hannah: I did. Yes. Uh, I'm sorry. How do you think that helps?
Carol: You're the lawyer.

Quote from Cheyenne

Marcus: So what? Now we have to do a deep clean, like, every year?
Garrett: Yeah, one deep clean a year during a pandemic does sound a little excessive.
Cheyenne: Wow. How has it been a year already? But also, how has it only been a year?

Quote from Dina

Glenn: Again, we're only open for curbside pickup today. There won't be any customers in this store, so we get to go nuts. Deep cleaning! Yay!
Dina: Think about it like it's a storewide cavity search. It's store 1217's turn to spread its cheeks.
Jonah: Or think of it as a deep cleaning. Pretty clear, really.

Quote from Sandra

Sandra: A whole year wasted. Jerry and I never even got to go on our honeymoon. I had to freeze my edible lingerie.
Tony: Mom, that's gross.
Sandra: Oh, sorry.

Quote from Dina

Dina: You know what? This is nice.
Garrett: Uh, what's nice?
Dina: Just us. Back to being platonic friends. Brian and I back to being a traditional one-on-one. Well, not completely traditional. We're going through batteries like crazy.
Garrett: Mm-hmm.
Dina: I just love how not awkward this all is.
Garrett: Mm-hmm. You know what really makes it not awkward? Saying that.
Dina: Totally. Yeah, same page. Same page. Well, I will see you at our next interaction, friend-o!

Quote from Mateo

Mateo: So who is she? You have a very obvious flirty texting face.
Jonah: Okay. Keep it on the down low, but, uh, Carol's lawyer, Hannah, followed me on Instagram last week, and we've been kind of DMing.
Mateo: Oh, my God, you're dating outside the store? I'm so proud of you.
Jonah: Well, nothing has actually happened yet, but she said that she has to come in to get Carol's signature on something, so I'm thinking I might ask her out.
Mateo: Aw! Go... get 'em, tiger. [both laugh] I don't know. What do straight boys say?
Jonah: [phone chimes] No, I mean, you nailed it. That's exactly what we say.

Quote from Garrett

Glenn: Oh, Garrett. You've got quite the gift for snowflake placement.
Garrett: Thank you. I think my secret is, I don't care.

Quote from Sandra

Sandra: This is gonna be so nice. It almost makes me wish we could celebrate the other holidays we missed too.
Marcus: Yeah, like Halloween. I was dressed in full head-to-toe Shrek makeup, in my living room, for no one.
Sayid: St. Patrick's Day, Fourth of July... my first Mother's Day. I had always dreamed of going to Sweet Tomatoes, and hitting that salad bar, soups, serve-yourself froyo... [shakily] I don't wanna talk about it.

Quote from Dina

Cheyenne: Hey, are the floor cleaners almost ready? We're just pushing that g... [sniffs] Whoa, it reeks of chemicals in here. We should air this out.
Dina: Oh, yeah. Good idea. [sighs in relief] That fresh air feels nice on my face and eyebrows.
Cheyenne: Dina, are you okay?
Dina: [sniffs] Hmm? Oh, I just feel a little lightheaded. I should probably sit down.
Cheyenne: You're already sitting.
Dina: What?
Cheyenne: Oh. I think maybe you got a little high from the fumes.
Dina: Wait, could you repeat that, but slower? I think I might be a little... Oh, no.

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