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Quote from Marcus in Prize Wheel

Dina: Okay, this event is pretty straightforward. With every purchase, they spin the wheel and win a prize. You'll notice there's a slot listed as "fun." I think you're supposed to provide the customer with fun at your own discretion. Just, you know, keep it above the belt.
Cheyenne: What happens if they land on the MC Cool Cloud?
Mateo: This waking nightmare happens.
Dina: An MC Cool Cloud collectable bobbling figure. Legally, we can't call it a bobblehead as his entire body does the bobbling.
Sandra: I always thought the cloud was his head and he had no body.
Cheyenne: No, he's all body.
Marcus: So he has eyes in the middle of his chest.
Sandra: That's better than arms growing out of the sides of his head.
Marcus: Oh, like hell it is.

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