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Quote from Glenn in Shadowing Glenn

Amy: Okay, so, now I hit submit?
Glenn: Uh-buh-buh-buh! Euuuhh! A-C-E-S-T: "Always Check Everything Seven Times."
Amy: Really, seven times? Isn't that five or six times too many?
Glenn: You would be surprised how many mistakes I pick up on the seventh check.
Amy: Seven times, got it. Okay, and then I hit submit.
Glenn: Ah. Yes, but if you ever forget where you are, here's a little mnemonic device, you know, to help you remember. First ♫ Mark the unit's inventory price ♫ And unit quantity ♫ Then triple check the product name ♫ 'Cause thorough's what you want be ♫
Amy: Glenn, really, I-
Glenn: ♫ Then look it over ♫ One more time in case there's a mistake ♫ Then sign it, date it, click submit ♫ And throw it in the lake ♫ [talks] But don't do that last part, 'cause it's just for the rhyme.

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