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Quote from Amy in Shadowing Glenn

Glenn: Okay, I have hidden several rule violations somewhere in this section. And, go.
Amy: That trash can is overflowing. That fluorescent light bulb is out. That mannequin's missing an arm. There is a bottle of grape soda that doesn't belong in women's wear and it's leaking. These sweaters aren't really folded. They're just sort of wadded up into balls. And Brett should be wearing a shirt.
Glenn: That was really good. You even found some I didn't notice. Okay, so, this next part is called: "Backwards and on Roller-Skates." 'Cause a great manager should be able to do this job backwards and on roller-skates.
Amy: Glenn, this really isn't necessary. I mean, I know all of this stuff, and what I don't know, I'm sure I'll learn in actual management training.
Glenn: So, you don't want my fake management training, is what you're saying.
Amy: I mean, I wanna say exactly, but I'm trying not to hurt your feelings.
Glenn: Sorry I wasted your time.
Amy: Brett, for future reference, if a manager asks you to take off your clothes, you can say no.

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