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Quote from Mateo in Managers' Conference

Mateo: It's so unfair. I'm stuck outside shoveling snow while Sayid gets treated like he's part of Janet Jackson's entourage, or something.
Cheyenne: I know, he's safe and sound now. If anyone deserves special treatment, it's you.
Mateo: Right? Thank you.
Cheyenne: I mean, you could be deported literally at any moment, just taken back to the Philippines on some sex trafficker's yacht.
Mateo: What? I'm undocumented, not Liam Neeson's daughter. [Cheyenne coughs] Hey, Sayid. Whatcha doing?
Sayid: I left my lunch in the car.
Mateo: Cool. Well, looks yummy for your tummy. [laughs nervously] Apple a day. Ha ha.

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