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Quote from Amy in Maternity Leave

Cheyenne: That's such a good idea to just watch him from work. You're gonna save so much on babysitters.
Amy: What? No. Adam's there. I'm not just gonna leave Parker at home alone all day. He's not a hamster.
Cheyenne: Parker. You named your baby Parker?
Amy: Yeah.
Mateo: Huh.
Cheyenne: Like officially?
Amy: I take it you're not fans? [Mateo chuckles]
Cheyenne: No. I love it.
Mateo: Yeah.
Cheyenne: It's so cute.
Mateo: It's so distinct. I bet you there's a story there. Yeah, there's a story there. Like, some relative who died right before he was born?
Amy: Nope, I went to a baby-naming website and saw the name Parker.
Mateo: Even better story.
Cheyenne: Mm, okay, yeah. That makes sense then.
Mateo: Parker.

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