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Quote from Dina in Sal's Dead

Dina: [on the phone] [laughs] You crack me up. It must be so much fun working there. Okay, talk to you later. [hangs up] That was the coroner's office. A gas main blew in a Shoeland.
Jodi: Oh, God. Which Shoeland?
Dina: Who cares? They're all the same. The point is, they're not gonna be here for a while.
Glenn: Oh, come on. Really?
Jodi: Which Shoeland? My husband works at a Shoeland.
Dina: I don't know, Jodi. I didn't ask the man every little question in the world.
Glenn: How long are they gonna be...
Jodi: Which Shoeland?
Dina: Jodi, I can not with you right now. I didn't even hear Glenn's question. Glenn?
Glenn: How long are they gonna be?
Dina: I don't know. [walks away]

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