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Quote from Jonah in Lost and Found

Jonah: Amy, I have an important question. Might I borrow these this weekend? I'm attending the opera.
Dina: Um, yes, all you need now is a T-shirt with Bugs Bunny dressed like a cholo, and you're ready to go.
Jonah: Oh, you know what? I think you left some stuff in your pockets. Yeah, here we go. Here is your old end of a joint. Enjoy.
Amy: Yes, I've been looking for that.
Jonah: Here's your halffilled tin of dip, didn't know you were a dipper.
Amy: Yeah, don't even talk to me before I dip.
Jonah: Fliers for sexy escorts.
Amy: Gross.
Jonah: This one says, "Carerra is gymnast." So you might wanna keep her at the top of the pile. An old receipt, and, uh, here is your... giant wad of cash.
Amy: Seriously?

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