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Quote from Jonah in Seasonal Help

Garrett: 'Ello, 'ello, 'ello, Mr. Jonah.
Jonah: Hey.
Garrett: Looks like you won.
Jonah: What?
Garrett: Your buddy Rashface? He found a used condom in the dressing room and just walked out the store. Congratulations.
Jonah: Wow, that's great. That's... I mean, that's really... that's too bad about his job, but, uh, I had a feeling about that guy. You know, just... just, like, a really... a really good feeling.
Garrett: Okay, well, enjoy that two bucks.
Jonah: Oh, yeah, I'm gonna. [chuckles] Hey, uh, you know what? We should... we should do another round. What do you say?
Garrett: Okay, sure.
Jonah: Yeah, yeah, just, like, uh... just get some more people involved, you know, raise the stakes. Oh! Oh, hey! Uh, we should do a pool. I won.

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