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Quote from Mateo in Election Day

Mateo: Could I just snag one of these stickers?
Dorothy: Oh, these are just for people who voted. Are you voting?
Mateo: I would, but I just don't like any of the candidates. Trump's all like... [makes fart noise] And Hillary's all... [makes a different fart noise] Anyway, enough politics. I just need a sticker.
Dorothy: Well, I'm sure the store sells stickers.
Mateo: I'm not just trying to collect stickers. I'm a grown man. Oh, my God... is that James Brolin?
Dorothy: Who?
Mateo: Barbra Streisand's husband? Josh Brolin's dad? Diane Lane's ex-father-in-law? Am I crazy? Sir, you know who James Brolin is, right?
Syd: What's he running for?
Mateo: Oh, my God. [scoffs]

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