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Quote from Carol in The Trough

Cheyenne: You know what else I hate? That we have to clock out before we sanitize our stations. That's still work. I'm not disinfecting everything for my health. Well, I mean, yeah.
Carol: That's Corporate for you. They ride us till we drop and then immediately sell our ass meat.
Cheyenne: [laughts] God, you are so weird.
Carol: You're so weird. [laughs] You're totally not weird. You're gorgeous like a vodka girl. I wish I could do my makeup like you.
Cheyenne: Oh, it's so easy. Honestly, all you need is the right foundation. Oh. Here. You can have it. I ganked it from the makeup counter.
Carol: [laughs] [gasps] Oh, crap. I forgot to spider wrap that pallet of Zephra tablets.
Cheyenne: Oh, right, that's, like, a huge security risk. You know what, Carol? Don't worry about it. Honestly, if they get jacked, they get jacked. Zephra can eat our ass meat. [both laugh] [Carol caughs]

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