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Quote from Glenn in Wedding Day Sale

Glenn: I feel terrible about how I handled things earlier with your friends.
Mateo: Friends? Oh, they're not... no. They're not my friends, dude.
Glenn: Oh, I'm sorry. Gay BFFs? I don't know the lingo. Look, I just want everyone who comes into this store to feel accepted. But do you know that in this entire sale, there is not one section dedicated to gay weddings?
Mateo: Gay people use the same decorations as straight people. We just use 'em better.
Glenn: That's my point exactly. I mean, they should not have to conform to someone's... [reads] Hel... hetero normal ideal of what a wedding should be. Would you be willing to help me put something together?
Mateo: Of course.
Glenn: Great. We're gonna take those guy's minds and blow them.

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