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Quote from Jonah in Secret Shopper

Amy: This has got to be the lamest thing anyone has ever been cocky about.
Jonah: [sighs] I know. It's so embarrassing. I told them not to put that up there, but I guess they felt they had to honor me somehow.
Amy: You know you're just asking someone to draw a penis on your face, right?
Jonah: This must be really bittersweet for you, being surpassed by your protege. But now is no longer the time of Amy. No, now is the time of Ace.
Amy: Oh, Ace? Wow.
Jonah: Ace. They're calling me Ace now.
Amy: Strong words from a guy who led a flock of ducks into the store.
Jonah: My pocket was ripped. I didn't know I was trailing crackers.
Amy: Why are you even walking around with crackers in your pocket?
Jonah: Because they don't have the kind I like here.

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