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Quote from Garrett in Target

Garrett: Hey, Jeff, the man in red! What are you doing here?
Jeff: Uh, I got a meeting with Glenn.
Garrett: Oh, okay, okay. Well hold up, man. Jeez, it has been forever since we had a chat.
Jeff: Yes.
Garrett: You watch the show last night?
Jeff: Uh, what show?
Garrett: I don't know, any of them. I like them all. Hey, you like chicken wings, right?
Jeff: Not really.
Garrett: Well, that's great. Because I'm going to take you to lunch to a place that does not sell them. Let's go.
Jeff: I cannot do that now, but thank you for the invite. Do me a favor, just text me the name of the restaurant. I'm always looking for a new spot.
Garrett: Okay, well hey, don't worry about what Glenn says. 'Cause, you know, typical Glenn. [chuckles]

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