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Quote from Kelly in Groundhog Dad

Kelly: [over PA] Cloud 9's new bath towels are extra fluffy and made from recycled other towels. And here to talk to us about them is famous actor, Al Pacino. How's Hollywood, Al?
Jonah: [normal voice] Oh, uh, these towels are great. Hoo-ah.
Kelly: Are you okay?
Jonah: Oh, yeah, yeah, I'm just, I'm not really feeling it, so...
Kelly: Oh, okay. [gravely voice] If you like towels, then, uh, this is The Godfather of towels. You can use them to clean up your Scarface.
Jonah: That is not good.
Kelly: [gravely voice] These towels are 40% off.
Jonah: No... I mean... [as Al Pacino] These towels are 40% off. And even if it's not a question, you gotta end up here. But then you're down, then you're down here. Because when you were younger, when you were in Serpico... [Kelly laughs] Hoo-ah, I'm just getting warmed up.
Kelly: Al Pacino, everyone. He's back.

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