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Quote from Dina in Golden Globes Party

Amy: Anybody want any meat? [silence] Nobody? Really? Nobody? Nobody wants meat?
Dina: I'll take some.
Mateo: Aren't you vegan?
Dina: Uh, yeah, just for, like, 20 years. But when I see meat that looks that delicious, I have to make an exception.
Amy: No, Dina, you don't have to eat that.
Mateo: Ugh.
Dina: Oh, yeah. I guess this is what he used to stand on. They just took off the little foot. I'm going to eat a bird now. I'm going to eat a bird now. I'm gonna... [all groan] [eats] Wow, but is it worth it for that taste! [pained laughter] Yum!

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