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Quote from Glenn in Health Fund

Dina: My derm's taking forever getting back to me. Such a power move. Classic derm.
Glenn: What if it is cancer? The Sturgis genes will die with me. I never had kids. Well, I mean, I fostered, but you know, none straight out of the doodle.
Dina: Well, there's still time. Jerusha's still got a few years left, and there's always science. In a few years we'll probably all have pig organs.
Glenn: Yeah, you're right. [cell phone dings]
Dina: Oh. You're in the clear. It's not melanoma.
Glenn: Yeah.
Dina: Well, I should get back to work.
Glenn: Dina. Thank you.
Dina: You're welcome. Also... [holds up phone] Never forget that I have this. [exits]
Glenn: I'm gonna have a baby.

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