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Quote from Garrett in Sal's Dead

Garrett: You know what it is? It's like eating a birthday candle, only in a good way.
Amy: Garrett, what do I do?
Garrett: I don't know, be honest. Tell her you stole Jonah's phone, and you were stalking her on it.
Amy: Okay, that's not gonna happen. I was thinking more like, I could sneak up like a ninja, take her phone, cancel the notification, and then slip it in without her noticing.
Garrett: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Mm. Or... I know this guy who works at the NSA. He kind of owes me a favor. I could call him up, have him hack into Kelly's phone, and melt her motherboard.
Amy: Yes, call the guy.
Garrett: I'm messing with you.
Amy: How is that helpful?
Garrett: I wasn't trying to be helpful.

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