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Quote from Glenn in Depositions

Jonah: Okay, state your name for the record.
Glenn: Glenn Sturgis. Why are you writing that down? That's the right answer.
Jonah: No, no, this is what lawyers do. They might take notes, but you can't let that distract you.
Glenn: Oh, mind games! Oh, okay, well, sure, yeah... game on. Check and mate. Oh.
Jonah: Sure. Uh, also, they might let a quiet moment hang after you've answered a question. Silences are uncomfortable, and so people will try to fill them and then end up saying more.
Glenn: Oh, okay. Got it. No problem. [sighs] [awkward silence] Ha. What is this? Are you doing it now? [Jonah is silent] Are you mad at me? Did you find out that I accidentally hit your car in the parking lot? Because it was just a scratch! You think you're so perfect, you know? Well, I used to have a body like that once. So, you know... Sso check out your future, you fart face!
Jonah: Okay. So, some things to work on.

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