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Season 4, Episode 20 -  Aired May 9, 2019

After a viral tweet shows how the unkempt the store has become since the staff hours were cut, Amy and Jonah have an idea on how to get more support from Corporate. Meanwhile, Cheyenne, Mateo and Garrett start selling their belongings in the store to earn more money.

Quote from Jonah

Amy: I've been asking corporate for weeks to give me more hours, and nothing! And then one embarrassing photo comes out, and they're like, "Here you go!"
Jonah: See? I told you. They just needed to see that things would fall apart if they didn't step in.
Amy: You were totally right. It was my need to be perfect that was screwing everything up.
Jonah: You know, it's crazy how many of your problems stem from your own excellence...
Amy: I know. We should start encouraging customers to keep tweeting bad things about us.
Jonah: Yeah, w-why stop there? I mean, we should just create a bunch of fake Twitter accounts and tweet it ourselves.
Amy: Ha ha. We should totally do that.
Jonah: We totally should.
Amy: No, we should actually do that.
Jonah: Yeah, I-I thought I was communicating that with my eyes, but, yeah, yeah, same page.


Quote from Amy

Woman: [on phone] So we've been noticing a lot more of these "Cloud9Fail" photos on Twitter.
Amy: Yeah, um, you know, we are trying our best over here, but we just keep coming up short.
Woman: We really need to take care of this.
Amy: I agree, but I am just all out of ideas. If you want to suggest anything... You know, I'm just thinking out loud here, and I hate to even have to bring this up, but I kind of feel like if you guys give us back a few more hours, we could nip this thing in the bud once and for all.
Woman: Well, actually, we think all of the tweets have come from an employee at your store.
Amy: Huh?

Quote from Jonah

Cheyenne: They were so obvious about it, too. All the fake customer accounts were created on the same day, and they each only tweeted once.
Marcus: What a dumb-ass.
Mateo: Oh, my God.
Cheyenne: Stupid.
Jonah: Seriously. Idiot.

Quote from Jonah

Amy: Sandra does live really far away. Maybe she'd be really happy to have to find a new job closer to home.
Jonah: Yeah, I mean, a lot of great success stories start with someone losing their dead-end job.
Amy: And perhaps she's supposed to save the world, and us keeping her here is just preventing that.
Jonah: Okay, I'm gonna go in there and come clean.
Amy: No, I'm not gonna let you do that alone. We did this together.
Jonah: I appreciate that, but you were right. It doesn't make sense for both of us to go down. [Amy is silent] You were counting on me saying that, right?
Amy: It's just that I make so much more money-
Jonah: Yeah, y-you mentioned that.

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